About me

    I, Vidal Quinones, am a non-stop workaholic driven by my passions in life: music, film, photography, learning, and last but not least - emotion. Capturing emotions through film and/or music in an innovative and purposeful way is not at all easy but fun and enriches me by capturing those very moments of your most important day and time of your life. Through film and photography I aim to capture precious candid moments thru the eye of the beholder in the most moving and memorable way possible. Instead of fabricating unnatural poses, I seek to capture authenticity.

    Having not the option but through life and it's harsh realities molded me into a man to take care of, watch over and provide for my mother, brother and sister which gave me the strengths of patience, kindness and ambition enabling me to be strong, take charge, be personable and keep going and strive for the best.

    Consistently looking to be better forever I see challenges as obstacles where I can leap over and grow from the experience and forever better my knowledge.



    Karla + Blake 10.10.15-4641
    • “What I like about an image is that it captures a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”


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